Title Manual 11E Sketches
No TNL/ADM(S)/Circular/5/09-10
Description In MOJINI implemented taluks manual 11E sketches are not alllowed for REGISTRATION.
Title Thatkal Phodi
No TNL.LS.unit.52/2008-2009
Description Implementation of Thatkal Phodi
Title Government lands measurement
No TNL/DAR/Phodi. Andholan/40/2008-09
Description Please click on MORE button and then on Attachments to view Circular issued for Darkhast Phodi Andholan of Government lands and Powerpoint Description
Title Revised Circular
No Tnl/D.P.Andholana/40A/2008-09
Description Revised circular regarding the cancellation of deputation of Surveyors for measuring Government land and Darkhast phodi measurement work.
Title Circulars of April 2009
No Apr 2009
Description Department circulars issued in the month of April 2009
Title Hudbust cases
No No.TNL.Adm/09A/2008-09
Description Revised circular issued regarding the disposal of Hudbust cases
Title RTC-Amalgamation
No PMU/Mojini/07/2008-09
Description Directions to amalgamate RTC
Title Department Circulars
No PMU/1
Description Circulars regarding Licensed Surveyors
Title FAQ - L.S
No TNL/L.S.unit/3/2008-09
Description Frequently asked questions relating to Licensed Surveyors Scheme
Description Report the status of applications for which there are no survey records. What is the action intiated by the survey wing. ddlr,pmu mojini is working in ONE more taluk i.e. BELLARY , Bellary people to enter first all pending records with LS,then enter all appl pending in office finish this within three days.DDLR PMU>